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Customer stories

You’re in great company
Discover why more than 3,000 PPC professionals love using TrueClicks. In the case studies, some of our customers will tell your their success stories in detail.

Customer reviews

Read what real users have to say about TrueClicks.



Our purpose-built calculators will help you create scenarios, calculate profitable PPC targets and more!

Be sure to bookmark our dedicated PPC calculators portal as we’ll regularly add new ones.

How much more or how much less should you be spending on advertising?

Use the square root formula to discover how much you should spend on advertising to maximize your profit.

Increase ROAS & Revenue

Use this calculator to create scenarios to increase ROAS and monthly revenue.

Compare PPC-only vs PPC + CRO improvements

The compounding effects of tiny conversion improvements will astonish you.

Free tools

Discover the standalone free tools and resources TrueClicks has developed for the paid search community. We’ll never ask for your email.

Over 170 paid and free paid search solutions, categorized and filterable based on your needs when looking for new software.

GAQL Fetcher add-on for Google Sheets

Populate Google Sheets for multiple accounts in bulk, based on your GAQL (Google Ads Query Language) queries.

GAQL Browser

See and export the results of your GAQL queries on live accounts within seconds!

PPC Survey

The leading State of PPC Survey and report since 2022. Grab a free copy of the latest edition for unique insights from your peers.

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To see what we’re working on and have planned to work on, feel free to visit our public roadmap.

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