Even pros make mistakes

Google and Bing release dozens of new features each quarter, the competition is fierce and you have more on your plate than just optimizing campaigns.


So no wonder research finds that between 25% and 61% of PPC spend is wasted and only 10% of accounts are consistently optimized.


Of course, this doesn’t happen in your accounts.


Or does it?

Hard to prove PPC’s value?

As long as your graphs are going up and to the right (except the CPA one), everyone’s happy.


But how do you prove your campaigns are still in great shape when results decline?


Wouldn’t you much rather get buy-in to improve things like tracking and landing pages instead of dealing with undeserved dissatisfaction?


Or even worse: with losing your client?

Audits: too little, too late

Audits usually happen when it’s too late: someone suspects results should be better.


But who should do it?
The current expert? He’ll be too lenient.
A competing expert? He’ll be too harsh.
Google? They’ll be too Googley.


Besides, a full audit is a 10+ hour, not-so-fun job.


But what if PPC auditing was automated, proactive and independent?

That’s why we developed TrueClicks


So agencies and advertisers can:

Eliminate Wasted Spend

If half the money you spend on advertising is wasted, we’ll have no trouble finding which half. Let your competition increase Google’s profits, while you focus on increasing yours.

Get a Truly Objective Audit

If you audit yourself, you’re probably too lenient. If someone’s trying to win the account, they’re probably too harsh. It’s time to get an audit without an agenda.

Audit in Minutes, not Hours

A full audit takes at least 10 hours of hard work. Save yourself that time and see where you stand on more than 50 best practices in less than 10 minutes.

Get Your Priorities Straight

There’s a 1,000 things you could do to improve your account, but there’s only so much time.

Get prioritized recommendations, based on impact and effort.

Discover Opportunities

Every account has low-hanging fruit, waiting to be picked. Find your quick wins and opportunities to increase your revenue or leads.

Monitor Account Health

See all  your accounts at a glance: which ones are in great shape and which ones need your attention?

And we’ll notify you right away whenever serious issues occur.

How TrueClicks helps your team

Everyone involved will benefit from TrueClicks: the PPC analyst, the team manager and the advertiser

Image credits: Andrew Miller


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