Never miss an issue or opportunity again

Get immediate and independent recommendations, so you’ll know exactly where you stand and what to do next.

PPC auditing and monitoring built for teams

Link your accounts.
Get actionable audits in minutes

At-a-glance like never before

Spot the issues and opportunities in all of your accounts from one user-friendly overview.

First things first

Spend your time on things that will have the most impact, based on the TrueClicks Prioritization Framework™.

Ensure quality & consistency

Continually improve the quality, consistency and performance of your team and your accounts.

Truly independent recommendations

Don’t get caught off guard by an audit with an agenda. Get an independent and honest one instead. At scale.

Daily monitoring

We’ll watch your accounts like a hawk, so you’ll have peace of mind.
Every day, we’ll let you know if any of the following occurs in your accounts:

Urgent issuesAlerting you of the few critical things that you need to know and fix today.
ErrorsWe all make mistakes and forget things, this category catches the most common ones.
DisapprovalsWe'll let you know when, where and why ads and extensions have been disapproved.
AnomaliesBe alerted whenever large and sudden changes occur in one of your key metrics.
Account activityFind out which and how many changes (excluding bid changes) have been made in the last 14 days.
Budget deviationNeed to stick to a target budget? We'll check daily if you'll deviate from it.


More than 70 actionable opportunities, prioritized and categorized. Every Monday (and whenever you click the ‘run’ button), you’ll get a fresh list of specific recommendations to improve your accounts.

EssentialsChecking the foundations of any solid PPC account.
Cost-saving opportunitiesIf half the money you spend on advertising is wasted, we’ll have no trouble finding which half.
Growth opportunitiesFrom quick wins to serious growth initiatives, we'll list out how you can increase traffic, revenue or leads.
Account hygieneIs your account easy to manage and report on, or is it a mess? These checks will help you clean up if necessary.









Additional perks ❤️

Team management

Everyone involved will benefit from TrueClicks: the PPC specialist, the team manager and the advertiser.

Richard, Specialist specialist icon

Hi 👋
As a PPC specialist, TrueClicks helps me to:

1 Find out where I stand in each account

2 Plan my week based on actionable alerts and recommendations

3 Show my manager (and client) how my accounts are improving based on independent checks and scores

The Specialist

Jared, Manager team manager icon

Hi 👋
As the manager of our PPC team, TrueClicks helps me to:

1 Evaluate everyone’s performance at a glance

2 Have a user-friendly quality control dashboard at my fingertips

3 Take action before issues get out of hand, as red flags show up in TrueClicks first

The Team Manager

Monica, Advertiser advertizer icon

Hi 👋
As the one paying the bills and providing overall business objectives, TrueClicks helps me to:

1 Find out if our PPC budget is actively managed and well spent

2 Get an independent evaluation of the quality of our accounts

3 Have a system to track qualitative KPIs that continuously challenge my team (or agency)

The Advertiser

Never miss an issue or opportunity again