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Get tailored insights for your Google Ads accounts that improve performance and identify impact before you push changes live.

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Winner Best Search Software Tool
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Winner Global Paid Search Technology of the Year
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Winner Best Search Software Tool
2020 Winners
Winner Global PPC Software Suite
2020 Winners
Finalist for Global PPC Management Software, Global Search Software Tool, and Software Innovation
2020 Shortlist
Finalist for PPC Management Software Suite, Search Software Tool, and Software Innovation
2020 Shortlist
Finalist for PPC Management Software Suite, Search Software Tool, and Software Innovation
2020 Shortlist

Sync. Audit. Optimize.

Ditch the dashboard switching

See campaign issues and opportunities across your accounts from one, easy-to-use dashboard.

Prioritizing made easy

Never ask your team, “What should we address first?” again. TrueClicks’ Prioritization Framework™ does the hard work for you and organizes opportunities by impact and urgency.

Quality and consistency

Our tailored insights provide your team with the information needed to boost account performance and create bulletproof campaigns.

Unique, unbiased recommendations

Your accounts deserve an audit without an agenda that’s based on your goals and individual needs.

Daily PPC Monitoring

We keep a close eye on your accounts, so you don’t have to. Get daily reports on how your campaigns are performing and if any action is needed on your end. We watch for things like:

Urgent Issues
Account activity
Budget deviation


TrueClicks analyzes 80+ actionable opportunities and prioritizes them for you. Every Monday—or whenever you click the ‘run’ button—you’ll receive a new list of unique recommendations to take your accounts to the next level.

Cost-saving opportunities
Growth opportunities
Account hygiene









Additional perks ❤️

Team Management

Get the whole team on the same page with TrueClicks. If you’re juggling PPC specialists, team managers, and advertisers all at once, we’ll ensure everyone is on board with what’s happening on each account.

Richard, Specialist specialist icon

Hi 👋
As a PPC specialist, I’m in charge of managing and optimizing campaigns for the accounts I’m assigned. TrueClicks helps me to:

1 Find out where I stand in each account

2 Plan my week based on actionable, prioritized recommendations

3 Present a detailed performance report to my manager and clients based on independent checks and scores

The Specialist

Jared, Manager team manager icon

Hi 👋
As the manager of our PPC team, I keep everyone and everything on track. TrueClicks helps me to:

1 Analyze my team’s performance at a glance

2 Easily manage accounts with a user-friendly dashboard

3 See urgent issues as they happen and take immediate action

4 Maintain quality control over account performance and keep clients happy

The Team Manager

Monica, Advertiser advertizer icon

Hi 👋
I’m the one spearheading our campaign objectives and paying the bills. With TrueClicks, I can:

1 Find out if our PPC budget is actively managed and well spent

2 Save time on analyzing campaigns

3 Understand the overall performance of our accounts with independent quality checks

4 Track qualitative KPIs that challenge my team all in one place

The Advertiser
To maintain our high quality standard, we used to spend quite some time on implementing scripts and checks in other tools to make sure we didn't miss anything in our accounts. Since using TrueClicks, we can spend that time on higher-value activities, as TrueClicks gives us a centralized overview of how our clients are doing, including independent recommendations to improve our accounts.
Bert van Dijk

Bert van DijkHead of PPC - Reprisedigital

TrueClicks saves our PPC team a lot of analysis time. And thanks to the clear overview, we always know which accounts to prioritize and where to start.
Sonja van der Hoek

Sonja van der HoekSenior Online advertising specialist -

Thanks to TrueClicks, I'm on top of all errors and opportunities in my accounts and I no longer need scripts or Excel Pivot Tables for time-consuming analyses like finding N-grams. I consider TrueClicks a no-brainer for every self-respecting PPC specialist. It will safe you loads of hours and will give you loads of meaningful insights.
Bob Meijer

Bob MeijerOwner - Beyond Online

With TrueClicks, we get the same level of comprehensiveness from a time-consuming manual audit with one click. And the ongoing monitoring replaces a whole set of scripts. Finally, a high TrueClicks score gives everyone peace of mind that our accounts are error-free and following best practices. I highly recommend any agency to add TrueClicks to their tech stack.
Josh Nelson

Josh NelsonLead PPC - DIRECTIVE

Now that we have TrueClicks, we no longer have to spend lots of time on finding the most impactful optimization opportunities in our clients' accounts. It gives both the high-level overview for quick health checks, as well as the detailed analysis we need to plan and prioritize our work.
Yik Ho Wong

Yik Ho WongSenior Advertising Specialist - Pauwr

Before TrueClicks we needed a lot of different scripts to monitor our managed accounts for basic things like broken links, budget overspend or anomalies. Now we have all the monitoring we need in one great tool, which saves us time and therefore money. More importantly, the overall quality of our clients' accounts has improved since we started using TrueClicks!
Marnix Bakker

Marnix BakkerTeam Lead - Nochii Online Marketing

Thanks to TrueClicks, I no longer have to open all of the 20+ Google Ads accounts I manage several times a week to check if everything is running as it should. Now I just open TrueClicks in the morning to quickly spot all issues and opportunities in one view. This gives peace of mind and saves an incredible amount of time.
Steven Hiemstra

Steven HiemstraDigital Advertisement Specialist - SDIM Online Marketing

TrueClicks is a game-changing PPC tool for our agency and my personal favorite. It helped us acquire new clients, establish better processes, and spot mistakes as soon as they happen. The recommendations helped us to increase revenue and leads for almost all our clients.
Andrius Zajančkauskas

Andrius ZajančkauskasHead of PPC - Good One

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