Keep your team happy and challenge them

We understand that your role as a team manager can be challenging. You have to make sure your team performs well, help them get better, and bring in new members smoothly.

We understand it’s not always easy. A shortage of skilled team members can affect results, and an overwhelmed team can result in more mistakes and inconsistent performance. TrueClicks is here to help.


See how your team is performing

Discover how our dashboard makes it simple for team leaders like you, making it easy to assess your team’s performance at a glance.

With our ‘All accounts’ overview, you can quickly spot which accounts require your attention, even pinpointing urgent matters like broken URLs. We’ve made it super easy to decide on priorities and notify your team members easily.


3.6% of ad spend and hundreds of optimization hours saved.
With TrueClicks, Danone’s local teams are able to save 3.6% of their ad spend, on average. Not bad, considering the tool costs Danone less than 0.1% of their spend—that’s a 36x ROI.

Luuk de Klijn
Global Search Lead, Danone


Inspire ongoing team improvement

We’re all about accountability and learning. We’ve designed a user interface that shows TrueClicks scores weighted by cost, linked to their respective accounts.

Why? Because we believe in transparency, accountability, and promoting friendly competition. Fancy a fun challenge? See who tops the leaderboard with the highest TrueClicks score!


50+ manager hours saved each month and more time for client relationship management.
Thanks to TrueClicks, new client account auditing and ongoing PPC monitoring has never been easier.

Tim Davidson
Paid Media Account Director, Directive


Onboard new team members smoothly

TrueClicks holds users accountable for meeting specific quality standards. Making it easier to streamline quality control for new team members’ smooth integration into your team and new accounts.

We go one step further by putting these suggestions into action effectively right from TrueClicks, resolving problems with just a few clicks – it’s that simple.


Stay on target for multiple accounts

Managing budgets can be complex and time-consuming, right? We make it easy. No more headaches or endless spreadsheets.

Our budget pacer with alerts keeps you on track, avoiding overspending or underspending across multiple accounts. This feature even predicts your future expenses. You can even merge Google and Microsoft spending into a single pacer.


Better alignment with account preferences

Make sure your running campaigns follow your preferred settings. This ensures that all your campaigns and ads, including new ones, follow these rules to improve consistency throughout all your campaigns and ads.

Remove unwanted opt-ins that ad platforms always try to sneak in, to avoid wasting spending on useless clicks.

Experience the benefits of TrueClicks firsthand

Explore how  TrueClicke work with our 3 -minute interactive product demos (no email needed) or sign up for free.