Improve PPC performance, standardize best practices, and keep agencies honest

Automated weekly audits with over 100 checks and daily monitoring. Everyone working towards improving a PPC quality score that actually maps to business results. Making agencies accountable. This is why companies like Adidas and Danone trust TrueClicks

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You’re here for one or more of these reasons...

advertisers scripts manual checks

Scripts and manual checks

Your team wastes hours on dozens of manual checks and maintaining multiple scripts. This steals from difficult (but valuable) projects such as improving unbranded search performance.
advertisers wasted ad spend

Wasted ad spend​

Performance takes a hit when you can’t detect errors immediately, fix issues quickly, or spot low-hanging fruit such as spend wasted on expensive terms that don’t convert.

advertisers score you dont trust

A score you don’t trust

Be honest, sometimes it feels like your Optimization Score goes up with increasing spend and adopting automated tools — not real business results, right? You don’t trust it as your North Star.

advertisers no oversight insight

No oversight or insight

When metrics are all over the place or missing, how do you know how your team is performing, which teams or employees need coaching, and who the top performers worth emulating are?
Layer 1 1

Lack of standardization ​

When everyone does PPC their own way, you get inconsistent performance and it’s impossible to optimize at scale. This gets worse with more teams, geographies, languages, and products.
advertisers no agency accountability

No agency accountability ​

Think about what you pay agencies and how much ad spend you trust them with. Do you really know whether they are spotting every error and opportunity? Are they making good on their promises?

Before TrueClicks, we created a huge ‘health check’ document with 60-100 checks. This audit took several hours over several days to complete.

With TrueClicks, you click on an account and the audit is already done. You see where the low scores are, what’s wrong, and fix it — often without leaving TrueClicks. This also means audits run every week rather than once a year when we block a month off to focus on them.

Luuk de Klijn
Global Search Lead, Danone

Grow your business and cut waste, rather than just “ticking boxes”

Efficient workflow

No more scripts and manual audits

Imagine clicking on an account and seeing the results of an audit that is less than a week old covering 100+ checks. Click “run” and you’ll have a fresh audit in minutes.

And when TrueClicks detects an opportunity to improve, you can often make the change without leaving TrueClicks. It’s like having the top PPC experts on payroll.


We have weekly checks to make sure there are no errors in our accounts and that they’re in good shape. I used to do these checks manually in the Google Ads platform.

Now, I do my checks in TrueClicks in half the time. This is why I love TrueClicks.

Veronica Henriquez
Senior PPC Specialist at Just Eat

TrueClicks score

Get an objective score you can trust

TrueClicks is like hooking up Optimization Score to a lie detector. No bias. No incentive to recommend more spend. Just real recommendations that move the needle.

This unbiased TrueClicks score acts as a standard everyone can work towards. If your score is high, you’re on your way to hitting your goals. If it’s low, you’ll know what to do to get it up. No more stressing whether an account is actually in good shape.


Without TrueClicks, we would have a harder time ensuring that all markets are up to a certain standard. And my team would spend much more time fielding ad hoc questions from markets that are facing challenges and need help understanding the issue. Now, they can find the answers in TrueClicks.

Jorrit Leemans
Global Paid Search Specialist at Adidas

Deep audits

Spot opportunities at-a-glance

TrueClicks scans your campaigns every single day. We’ll notify you when we find errors and opportunities, prioritize everything, and let you make changes in a couple clicks.

A favorite is the “N-gram analysis.” TrueClicks identifies the keywords you’re losing money on and makes it easy to dismiss them — instant savings. We go back further in time and crunch more data than any script or alternative.


There’s a feature in TrueClicks called “inefficient N-grams.” It identifies words we’re advertising on that don’t generate (enough) revenue, but they spend a significant amount on a yearly basis.

TrueClicks gives you a list of these wasteful words, and then you can easily add them as negatives to cut  this hidden waste.

Carline Dekker
PPC Specialist at

Scalable workforce

Standardize PPC best practices across teams

Automated audits ensure the same checks are done across specialists, teams, locations, and product lines. Daily monitoring and in-app fixes means everyone resolves issues quickly. And TrueClick’s unbiased quality score gives everyone the same North Star.

The result? Best practices are standardized and turned into processes everyone — even new hires — can follow. And it’s finally possible to roll out the same improvements across teams.


TrueClicks is one of the first things I introduced when I joined Danone because I saw that we didn’t have a common understanding of our paid campaigns across brands and local markets. I wanted to implement a common starting point for everyone.

And after speaking to PPC experts I trust, I decided TrueClicks is the most effective way to standardize PPC.

Luuk de Klijn
Global Search Lead at Danone

Team alignment

Get what you pay for from PPC agencies

Use automated audits, daily monitoring, and your TrueClicks quality scores to see whether agencies are performing. You will have the data you need to correct course or switch vendors.

Some go a step further and require agencies to use TrueClicks themselves. When everyone has access to the same insights and tools, there are no more excuses.

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