Improve PPC performance

TrueClicks helps your Google and Microsoft Ads perform better. It finds where you’re wasting money and shows you how to achieve better results. Stop spending on ads that don’t work and start making a bigger impact.

Cost-saving opportunities

Uncover hidden wasted ad spend

Instead of spending your budget on things that don’t deliver results, consider reallocating your budget toward more efficient and impactful opportunities. We can help you find ways to invest your money more wisely.


With Google OptiScore, you’ll make most of your improvements by spending more and opting into more automated bidding.

With TrueClicks, you can see all of your accounts along with their scores. And if TrueClicks says an account is at 80%, it’s in good shape and you don’t need to worry about it. But if you see accounts with scores under 60% — you know there are opportunities to improve and you should prioritize these accounts.

Regardless of the score, TrueClicks helps us setting priorities in our weekly planning for each account.

Guus Bakker
PPC Team Lead, Abovo Media

Growth opportunities

Identify the best growth opportunities

Once you’ve taken care of the critical basics and made changes to save money, we’ll help you find the best ways to make your accounts grow. We look at over 30 growth opportunities weekly, so we can find the ones that will work best for you.


TrueClicks is a game-changing PPC tool for our agency and my personal favourite.

It helped us acquire new clients, establish better processes, and spot mistakes as soon as they happen. The recommendations helped us to increase revenue and leads for almost all of our clients.

Andrius Zajančkauskas
Head of PPC, Good One

Performance monitoring

Create alerts for changes in any metric, at scale

Use the most powerful tool for tracking how your online ads are doing. You can set up warnings for any changes or specific goals in different numbers across lots of accounts and campaigns all at once.

To simplify things, visit our Gallery and choose a ready-made monitor that fits your needs. We’ve gathered a bunch of performance trackers that will work great for your accounts, so you can start keeping an eye on everything quickly. Stay informed and be the first to know when your numbers go outside of the limits you’ve set.

Experience the benefits of TrueClicks firsthand

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