Efficient workflow

Cut time wasted on repetitive tasks by 70%

TrueClicks helps you save time. It’s like having more than 150 always-updated scripts running in the background. Agencies using TrueClicks save up to 8 hours per audit, and consultants save about 5 hours each month analyzing their data. This means more time for other important tasks.


We have weekly checks to make sure there are no errors in our accounts and that they’re in good shape. I used to do these checks manually in the Google Ads platform.

Now, I do my checks in TrueClicks in half the time. This is why I love TrueClicks.

Veronica Henriquez
Senior PPC Specialist at Just Eat Takeaway.com

The fix button

Fix issues straight from TrueClicks

TrueClicks comes with a simple “Fix” button for straightforward issues. When you click it, you’ll see a list of solutions we’ve made for the specific problem we found. Pick the one you like, make any changes you need, click submit, and you’re good to go!


Without TrueClicks, we would have a harder time ensuring that all markets are up to a certain standard. And my team would spend much more time fielding ad hoc questions from markets that are facing challenges and need help understanding the issue. Now, they can find the answers in TrueClicks.

Jorrit Leemans
Global Paid Search Specialist at Adidas


Automate consistency in all campaigns

The good kind. You get to choose the settings and things you like for each account, and also specify what you don’t want. We’ll ensure that all your campaigns follow these preferences, giving you control even when you’re not actively overseeing them.

Experience the benefits of TrueClicks firsthand

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