Agencies: Win more clients

Want to show potential clients how you can help them do better? Use TrueClicks to check their account(s), and you’ll find many ways to improve things within a few minutes, without having to work for free. You can easily save these findings and present them as your own.

Short time to value

Pitch new business and deliver quick wins

Conduct a detailed audit of a potential client’s account with a simple click, and provide them with a list of the most essential improvements. After the audit, you can achieve positive results within the first week, all without leaving the TrueClicks platform. For high-quality agencies, building trust with clients early on is essential.


Clients would ask other agencies and consultants to audit our work to make sure we were actually providing a good service. They’d find annoying things like url and extension disapprovals, or not having negative keyword lists updated.
Now, we feel bulletproof to these audits because TrueClicks allows us to be on top of things more than we were before.

Nicole Ignacio
Head of Paid Media Operations, Stellar Search

Efficient workflow

No more scripts and manual audits

Imagine you open an account, and it shows you a recent audit done with over 100 checks, with the ability to get a fresh audit in minutes. And if TrueClicks detects issues, you can often fix them without leaving TrueClicks. It’s like having PPC experts on your team without hiring them.

TrueClicks can automatically do an amount of analysis that we cannot do manually. We save about 8 hours per specialist per month on audits, improvement analysis, and quality checks. In total, this is about 156 hours saved per month across our specialists. We spend the time TrueClicks saves us on things you need a human for: longer term, more strategic and creative tasks. It really benefits our clients.

Marcel Smal
PPC Strategist, iProspect

Deep audits

Spot opportunities at a glance

TrueClicks checks your advertising campaigns daily. We’ll tell you when we find problems or opportunities, sort them by importance, and make it simple for you to make changes with just a few clicks.

One standout feature is our “N-gram analysis.” TrueClicks helps you determine which keywords are costing you money and makes it easy to get rid of them, saving you money immediately. We also look at older data and analyze it more thoroughly than any script or other method.

Experience the benefits of TrueClicks firsthand

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