Agencies: retain more clients

When TrueClicks closely monitors your clients’ accounts, you strongly reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises for your clients. What would that mean for your ROI if TrueClicks could help you retain your most valuable client for just one more year?

Extra pair of eyes

Even a talent shortage won’t slow you down

You might only have to hire a few people because you can get more done with your current team. TrueClicks audits are run automatically each week, enabling you to fix problems quickly, and giving you more time for creative and strategic work.

If you decide to hire, TrueClicks can help less experienced employees do more tasks effectively. It helps them understand what to do first, follow the best practices, and learn within the app. This means you can choose from a larger and more affordable group of potential hires.


With Google OptiScore, you’ll make most of your improvements by spending more and opting into more automated bidding.

With TrueClicks, you can see all of your accounts along with their scores. And if TrueClicks says an account is at 80%, it’s in good shape and you don’t need to worry about it. But if you see accounts with scores under 60% — you know there are opportunities to improve and you should prioritize these accounts.

Regardless of the score, TrueClicks helps us setting priorities in our weekly planning for each account.

Guus Bakker
PPC Team Lead, Abovo Media


Catch and fix errors in a couple of clicks

You can make mistakes when handling many accounts at once. Our tools help find and tell you about these mistakes right away, so you can quickly fix them without switching.

Clients would ask other agencies and consultants to audit our work to make sure we were actually providing a good service. They’d find annoying things like url and extension disapprovals, or not having negative keyword lists updated.
Now, we feel bulletproof to these audits because TrueClicks allows us to be on top of things more than we were before.

Nicole Ignacio
Head of Paid Media Operations, Stellar Search


Monitor your campaigns for disapprovals

If something in your campaign disapproves, we’ll let you know quickly. We watch for disapproval warnings for ads, keywords, and other assets. But if your campaign or ad group is paused, we won’t bother you with notifications.

Target budget insight

Adjust your budgets to stay on target

Try our budget tracking tool to figure out how much you need to change your daily spending to reach your goal budget and stay on track.

Experience the benefits of TrueClicks firsthand

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