Our Mission

Is to set and raise the PPC quality standard

We believe that marketing agencies and advertisers need truly independent and automated help to prevent waste and missed opportunities.

So we decided to build this and call it TrueClicks.

With this name, we want to express our search for truth in PPC. Going beyond regular analysis and optimization: revealing what should be done, and in what order.

That’s why we don’t offer auditing and monitoring as an add-on or a way to sell services or clicks. It’s our core business.

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Our story

Our CEO’s PPC adventures started back in 2006, when he stumbled upon Andrew Goodman’s and Perry Marshall’s AdWords books.

After reading them he decided to become a PPC professional and never looked back. Starting with campaign management for SMB’s and joining a fast-growing agency in 2009, which became part of iProspect by the end of 2012.

So did our CTO, who built a feed-based campaign creation tool using Google’s API back in 2009. This was one of the first solutions in the market capable of doing this at scale.

During our agency years, we’ve learned a tremendous amount about paid search, the platform API’s, advertiser-agency relationships, and how all these have changed over the years.

What was especially enlightening, was auditing (potential) new clients. Time and again, we saw huge amounts of wasted advertising spend and missed opportunities.

The Problem

And it’s not just us, others have found the same. After auditing thousands of Google Ads accounts, Disruptive Advertising found that 61% of ad spend is wasted. More conservative estimates are usually in the 10% to 20% range, which amounts to $25B to $50B of yearly wasted ad spend on Google Ads alone.

So why is this happening? We found four main reasons:

  • Lack of (automated) activity. Most accounts need to be analyzed and optimized by a professional every week. On top of that, you’ll want to automate all the repetitive, non-creative analysis, optimization, and reporting.
  • Lack of a consistent process. As David Rodnitzky said: “An agency without process is just a bunch of people running around doing things.” The same holds true for advertisers or any other company really.
  • Lack of knowledge. You usually don’t know what you don’t know. Digital marketing changes fast and you have to keep up. And there’s always a shortage of highly experienced PPC professionals.
  • Lack of accountability. To quote another of our favorite authors, Verne Harnish: “If more than one person is accountable, then no one is accountable, and that’s when things fall through the cracks.

The Solution

We believe that regular auditing and daily monitoring of your PPC accounts is a great way to solve the issues above and to prevent all that waste and those missed opportunities.

But before TrueClicks, the only way to get a truly independent audit was by hiring an expert that had no interest in taking over account management. This should cost you between $750 and $5,000 per comprehensive audit.

And daily monitoring meant having dozens of scripts running and making sure the right person gets the right alert in time.

So doing it right seemed way too expensive and messy to us.

That’s why we teamed up in 2017 and started creating the tool we wish we had in our previous jobs.

We believe no other team could be more passionate and better prepared for creating the world’s leading PPC auditing and monitoring software.


Wijnand Meijer

Co-Founder & CEO


Ales Sturala

Co-Founder & CTO