Our Story

My PPC adventures started back in 2006, when I stumbled upon Andrew Goodman and Perry Marshall’s AdWords books.


After reading them I decided to become a PPC professional and never looked back. The first years I did my own consulting and campaign management for SMB’s and after 3 years I decided to join a fast-growing agency here in Amsterdam, which became part of iProspect by the end of 2012.


I ended up staying there for 8 years, in which I’ve learned a tremendous amount about PPC, technology vendors, advertiser-agency relationships and how all these have changed so much over the years.


What was especially enlightening, was auditing (potential) new clients, which was an important part of my job. Time and again, I saw huge amounts of wasted advertising spend and missed opportunities. Even with advertisers spending millions.
And it’s not just me, others have found the same. According to WordStream, small businesses waste 25% of their PPC budget and only 10% of accounts are optimized consistently on a weekly basis.

And after auditing over 2,000 AdWords accounts for potential clients, Disruptive Advertising even concluded that 61% of ad spend is wasted.



Nobody wants this. So why is it happening?


  • Lack of activity. Accounts are not analyzed and optimized regularly enough. And it’s not just about putting in the hours. There’s often also a lack of smart automation and a structured approach for improving results.
  • Lack of knowledge. You usually don’t know what you don’t know. PPC changes fast and you have to keep up. But not everyone reads all the blogs and watches all the webinars to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.
  • Lack of accountability. As PPC is often a joint effort, it’s not clear who’s accountable for specific deliverables. It’s often ‘the team’. But when it comes to accountability, there can be only one. If your name is attached to a specific deliverable, you’re much more likely to make it happen. If this is unclear, things start falling through the cracks.


So to help other advertisers and agencies preventing this, I shared my auditing framework and best practices in the Complete AdWords Audit blog series. Which has become my ‘claim to fame’.

Thanks to writing and speaking about AdWords audits I’ve been honored to be voted in the Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts in 2015, 2016 and 2017.


But no matter how much auditing tips I will share (like the free audit checklist), doing a proper PPC audit is a lot of manual grunt work. And that’s why nobody really wants to do it often and proactively.

I’d also rather spend my time on more strategic and creative work instead of manually checking for best practices.


Every time I did these audits manually I kept thinking “this stuff should be automated”. But none of the automated solutions out there are focused on auditing and monitoring like I needed it.


So I teamed up with my colleague Ales Sturala, who is a PPC automation veteran. Ales and his team developed a PPC automation platform used globally by enterprise e-commerce advertisers.

Together, we started creating the auditing and monitoring tool we wish we had during all those manual audits and account discussions with advertisers.


Together with our team of developers, we believe nobody else could be more passionate and better prepared for creating the world’s leading automated PPC audit.

Wijnand Meijer

Wijnand Meijer

Co-founder & CEO

Ales Sturala

Ales Sturala

Co-founder & CTO

Our Mission

To set and raise the PPC quality standard


We believe advertisers and agencies need truly independent and automated help to prevent waste and missed opportunities, as the current methods are too time consuming, hard to use and biased. We know, we’ve tried all of them.


By clearly showing you where you stand and what to do next, you can trust on us to set and raise the quality standard of your online advertising.


By doing so, we help you getting your campaigns more profitable than ever before.

As we have no interest in raising your budget or managing your account, we aim to be your trusted and independent advisor.

We want to achieve this by offering the most complete, objective, up-to-date, user-friendly and intelligent automated PPC audit available.

We want to show you where you stand, but also tell you exactly what to do next to improve your performance.

We aim to educate our users by clearly explaining best practices and sharing tips for improvement.