Customer trust and data security are critical to everything we do at TrueClicks.

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Secure and private by default

We believe you have the right to know where your (client’s) data is stored, how it’s managed, and how it’s used.

Please find the real-time status of security tests and controls on


Handling personal data with care

When it comes to personal data, we exclusively process data of TrueClicks users and nobody else’s.

Please find all details about how we handle personal data in our privacy notice.

Utilizing Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising data

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The other and most important type of data we process is advertising data from Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. None of this data (such as impressions, clicks, cost, conversions, etc.) contains personally identifying information (PII), so it’s GDPR/CCPA compliant by nature.

TrueClicks needs access to your (clients’) Google Ads and/or Microsoft Advertising data to perform its functionality. Using Google’s and Microsoft’s OAuth authentications, we do not store or have access to any logins to these systems.

Additionally, it allows the customer to revoke TrueClicks permissions at any time should they feel their data is in danger. This can be done through Google’s Apps with access to your account page and the Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps portal. Of course, doing so will make it impossible for TrueClicks to provide its functionality.

Advertising data held on TrueClicks’ servers is intentionally limited to strictly what is required for functionality. TrueClicks leverages the API of the advertising platforms to retrieve the required data. 

Your (clients’) advertising data is kept for only 30 days on our servers for debugging purposes. After that, we permanently delete this data. The only data we keep as long as you use TrueClicks is the data we generate ourselves: scores, alerts, recommendations, etc.