Make your PPC work more enjoyable

We understand that your role as a senior specialist can be challenging. You’re responsible for managing multiple accounts, improving performance, and staying updated on industry trends.

Without the right tools, opportunities can slip by, budgets can lead to overspending, and errors may go unnoticed. TrueClicks is here to help.


Find waste and opportunities

TrueClicks helps you find wasted ad spending and put your budget where it truly matters. Say goodbye to poor-performing networks, locations, and keywords, and don’t miss out on cost-saving options.

Once your essentials are optimized and costs are saved, we pinpoint top growth opportunities for each account. We review over 30 growth options weekly.

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I love how impactful the tool is right out of the box.

“TrueClicks is so well-built. It saves me loads of time on audits and monitoring.”


Josh N.
Working in Marketing and Advertising
51-200 employees | Verified G2 Reviewer


In-depth account audits for multiple accounts

We get it – your time is precious. That’s why we’ve streamlined the audit process to give you results in minutes, not hours. Say goodbye to repetitive analysis.

TrueClicks helps you prioritize your optimizations efficiently. Our audits sort your tasks by impact and effort, so you can make improvements that yield quick results.

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The continues improvements of the audits make sure we can act fast and do not waste time on moving between applications.

“On top of that, the support is fast and decisive with suggestions and solutions to keep things going.”

4.5stars - Gastrointestinal Specialists, Inc.

Koos H.
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)


Need something better than OptiScore?

While ad platforms offer their own scores and suggestions, they may not always align with your goals, potentially leading to increased ad spending without delivering the results you need. Sounds familiar?

TrueClicks offers honest, independent, and actionable recommendations, backed by 140+ checks for a super thorough look at how well the account has been managed.


Create custom alerts at scale

Don’t you hate it when performance drops go unnoticed? Or when other stakeholders notice before you do? Let’s make sure that never happens again.

We’ve re-invented Performance Monitoring to notify you when important metrics change in your campaigns or accounts. Get email notifications for metrics going up, down, or hitting specific values.


Fix issues straight from TrueClicks

Our ‘Fix it’ feature is here to make your life easier. Imagine resolving problems with just a few clicks – yes, it’s that simple. Skeptical? Don’t be! Our tool is designed to do just that.

Fix the issue directly on TrueClicks. No more back-and-forth with Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising!

Experience the benefits of TrueClicks firsthand

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