TrueClicks partner programs

TrueClicks offers two partner programs: a referral program and a reseller program:


Referral program

Any user of TrueClicks – including users in the free plan – can sign up for our referral program here.

By signing up, you’ll get a special link that looks something like You can use this link in your blog, social media, emails, etc.

Please note that only active TrueClicks users can become referral partners (affiliates), so if you aren’t yet, please sign up first.



Resell TrueClicks to clients

If you’re a paying agency customer of TrueClicks, you can invite clients to your account, using our unique “private access” feature at no extra cost.

That way, your clients will only see the accounts in TrueClicks they also have access to in Google Ads and/or Microsoft Advertising.

Then, it’s up to you and your client(s) to agree on a fee for this access. Obviously, this fee should be lower than taking a direct subscription with TrueClicks.

The example below demonstrates how to create a win-win situation, where the agency reduces its net subscription fees by 42% and clients pay 50% less than with a direct subscription.

It almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s very achievable:

  1. The agency pays $1,249/mo for an annual $2M /mo subscription.
  2. They resell access to three clients at a 50% discount, for example:
    $225/mo for a $300K/mo plan
    $175/mo for a $200K/mo plan
    $125/mo for a $100K/mo plan
  3. That way, the agency receives $525/mo from reselling, reducing its net subscription fee from $1,249 to $724 monthly. That’s a 42% reduction!

If you want to give a client a 30-day free trial within your account, just let us know and we’ll give you the needed free upgrade to let them test TrueClicks before deciding on paying for access.