Retain clients, win new business, and scale with TrueClicks

Be bulletproof against competitor audits, run deep automated audits to win new business and deliver quick wins, and get back up to 70% of the time you waste on “grunt work”

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Agency life is hard enough without all of this slowing you down

agencies account poaching

Account poaching

The worst thing in the world is when a competitor agency “checks” your work and uncovers enough critical errors to convince your client to switch, right?

agencies pitching new business

Pitching new business

Pitching new business pulls already limited resources away from client work. To turn your pitch around on time, you either ease up on client work or run a basic audit that fails to make a compelling case.
agencies scripts manual checks

Scripts and manual checks

Account hygiene is necessary but repetitive work. So, your team wastes hours on dozens of manual checks and maintaining multiple scripts. No wonder weekly checks don’t happen weekly.
agencies googles shortcomings

Google’s shortcomings

Google Ads has a lot to offer, but it’s not the best at everything. Staying on top of your clients is painful, critical errors and issues go undetected, and most recommendations are self-serving.
Layer 1

Talent shortage

Defending accounts, trying to win new ones, manual “grunt work,” and more pressure to perform — it’s no wonder you’re trying to hire. Problem is, so is everyone else.

Before TrueClicks, we used a lot of different scripts, rules, and custom-made dashboards to monitor all the accounts. Just implementing those scripts and rules on each account is very time consuming.
I wanted an overview, in one place, to tell me more about the shape of the accounts. How well are they performing? Are there any opportunities for improvement?

Petter Zachrisson
Head of SEM, Resolution (Omnicom Media Group)

Grow your clients’ businesses instead of just “ticking boxes”

Become bullet-proof

Dare competitors to audit your work

TrueClicks scans your campaigns every single day. When we find something, we’ll notify you and even help you prioritize issues. Imagine not having to manually check each account anymore.

And weekly audits with over 100 checks ensures you spot hygiene issues and cost-saving and growth opportunities before anyone else.


Clients would ask other agencies and consultants to audit our work to make sure we were actually providing a good service. They’d find annoying things like url and extension disapprovals, or not having negative keyword lists updated.
Now, we feel bulletproof to these audits because TrueClicks allows us to be on top of things more than we were before.

Nicole Ignacio
Head of Paid Media Operations, Stellar Search

Short time to value

Pitch new business and deliver quick wins

Run a deep audit on a prospect’s account with the click of a button to deliver a prioritized list of improvements. Expect to catch things Google, scripts, and their current agency miss.

Then, start delivering wins in your first week — often without ever leaving TrueClicks. If you’re a premium agency, you know how important it is to earn trust early.


We are a premium agency working with SaaS clients under pressure to grow fast — so it’s important for us to hit the ground running. TrueClicks helps us find opportunities to immediately improve performance, which is why our clients see wins during the first week. This builds trust and shows them they were right to choose us.

Tim Davidson
Sr. Director Marketing, Directive

Efficient workflow

Cut time wasted on repetitive tasks by 70%

TrueClicks is like having 100+ always up-to-date scripts running in the background, all feeding into dashboards where fixes can often be done in a couple of clicks.

This is why agency customers report saving up to 8 hours per audit, and 5 hours per month per consultant on analysis. Use this time for strategy, fresh creative, and to improve performance — the work clients really care about.


TrueClicks can automatically do an amount of analysis that we cannot do manually. We save about 8 hours per specialist per month on audits, improvement analysis, and quality checks. In total, this is about 156 hours saved per month across our specialists. We spend the time TrueClicks saves us on things you need a human for: longer term, more strategic and creative tasks. It really benefits our clients.

Marcel Smal
PPC Strategist, iProspect

TrueClicks score

Get an objective score you can trust

TrueClicks is like hooking up Google’s Optimization Score to a lie detector. No bias. No incentive to recommend more spend. Just real recommendations that move the needle.

This unbiased TrueClicks score acts as a standard you and your clients can work towards. If your score is high, your account is in good shape. If it’s low, you’ll know what to do to get it up. No more stressing whether an account is really in good shape.


With Google OptiScore, you’ll make most of your improvements by spending more and opting into more automated bidding.

With TrueClicks, you can see all of your accounts along with their scores. And if TrueClicks says an account is at 80%, it’s in good shape and you don’t need to worry about it. But if you see accounts with scores under 60% — you know there are opportunities to improve and you should prioritize these accounts.

Regardless of the score, TrueClicks helps us setting priorities in our weekly planning for each account.

Guus Bakker
PPC Team Lead, Abovo Media

Extra pair of eyes

Even a talent shortage won’t slow you down

You may not need to hire because you’re doing more with less. Weekly audits happen automatically. Issues and errors get fixed quickly. There’s more time for fresh creative and strategic work.

If you do hire, TrueClicks helps junior talent punch above their weight class by prioritizing tasks, standardizing best practices, and providing in-app mini-lessons. This opens up a much larger (and less expensive) talent pool.

Everything you need to stay on top of your clients’ PPC campaigns

Daily PPC monitoring

Automated audits

PPC optimization

PPC budget pacing

APIs and integrations


TrueClicks is a game-changing PPC tool for our agency and my personal favourite.

It helped us acquire new clients, establish better processes, and spot mistakes as soon as they happen. The recommendations helped us to increase revenue and leads for almost all of our clients.

Andrius Zajančkauskas
Head of PPC, Good One