Choose the perfect plan, based on your ad spend

Sign up today and get 2 to 6 weeks of unlimited spend for free

For our paid plans, the plan closest to your monthly spend is the right one.

TrueClicks is free up to $50K monthly ad spend

Get two months for free with an annual subscription

Get 10% off with a 6-month subscription


TrueClicks is free if you manage less than $50K spend/mo.

If you manage more, you can try us out for this spend level as long as you’d like.

One free plan per company
We only allow one free plan per company (email domain) to prevent abuse of the free plan.
Unlimited users with the same email domain
Within a free account, we only allow users with the same email address.
Self-serve onboarding
Chat and email support
(two business days)
Unlimited Google Ads accounts
Within your spend limit, you can link as many Google Ads accounts as you'd like
Unlimited Google Merchant Center accounts
To power our feed-based checks, be sure link with Merchant Center
Unlimited Microsoft Advertising accounts
Within you spend limit, you can link as many Microsoft Advertising accounts as you'd like
80+ auditing checks for Google Ads
50+ monitoring checks for Google Ads
30+ monitoring checks for Microsoft Advertising
The world’s most powerful N-gram analysis
Budget pacing for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising
Fix issues directly from TrueClicks in a couple of clicks
Auto-apply preferred campaign settings and negatives
Create fully customizable performance alerts at scale
One-click deep links to Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising
Group accounts by client, user, team, or any other label
Email alerts for urgent issues
Weekly email digests
Data Connector for Looker Studio, Excel, Power BI and Tableau


Our Plus plans are best for advertisers, freelancers, and agencies that manage anywhere between $50K and $400K spend/mo.

Everything in Free, plus:

Fast-track onboarding
Schedule a quick call or two with our onboarding specialists during your trial to get started.
Unlimited users from any domain
Invite anyone you want to your TrueClicks account, including people outside your company (safely with private access), such as clients or freelancers.
Chat, email and phone support
(one business day)
Our support team will answer your questions within one business day. You can also schedule a call with us if your prefer.
Fair billing with 6-month and 12-month subscriptions
We'll keep track of your actual linked spend vs paid-for subscription and reimburse/charge the net difference. Upgrades will need to be approved, so no surprises. Find all details in our terms of service.


Our Pro plans offer proactive onboarding and support and are aimed at teams that manage anywhere between $400K and $2.5M spend/mo.

Everything in Plus, plus:

Eligible for a 3-month pilot before deciding on a subscription
For a one-time fee of $2,000 (or €2,000) your team will get unlimited spend & support for 3 months. Learn more.
Priority support and onboarding by your Customer Success Manager
Deep insights into your team's adoption and usage of TrueClicks
You'll receive unique, real-time insights into your team's adoption and usage of TrueClicks in a shared workspace, including a mutual action plan based on your goals and these insights
Two impact reviews per year
Two training/feedback calls per year
Optional: shared chat channel for your team and ours
We can create a shared chat channel with your team and ours using Google Chat Spaces, Microsoft Teams or Slack


For teams managing more than $2.5M spend/mo, our Enterprise plans offer the highest level of onboarding, support, and quarterly alignment.

Everything in Pro, plus:

Single Sign-On (SSO). Log in securely with your company credentials.
Four impact reviews per year
Four training/feedback calls per year

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re strong believers in ‘try before you buy’. That’s why testing TrueClicks with unlimited spend can last anywhere between one and twelve weeks. And as you can see above, you can test TrueClicks with up to $50K/mo for free, forever.

Learn how to get up to 6 weeks of unlimited spend for free with a self-serve account over here (recommend for Plus plans), and learn all about our 3-month pilot project (recommended for Pro and Enterprise plans).

We offer a 10% discount on 6-month subscriptions and two months for free (16.7%) on annual subscriptions.

Next to that, we may offer one-off discounts if you’ve been referred by a partner.

You can pay monthly, every 6 months (10% discount), or yearly (two months free). Subscriptions don’t have to start on the first day of the month, they can renew on any day of the month.

In all cases, the subscription fee will be charged or invoiced at the beginning of your billing cycle.

The available payment methods depend on your billing cycle and country.

When paying monthly:

  1. Credit card. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards will work in all countries. Unfortunately, we can’t accept other credit cards.
  2. SEPA direct debit (up to EUR 10,000 per transaction). If your company is located in a SEPA participating country (most European countries, full list over here), we support (and prefer) SEPA direct debit to charge the subscription fee from your bank account (IBAN).

When paying every 6 or 12 months:

  1. Credit card as described above.
  2. SEPA as described above.
  3. Invoices for amounts higher than $2,000.

No. If your company is based in one of the SEPA participating countries or regions (full list here), your spend level and the corresponding price will be based on EUR.

In all other countries, your spend level and the corresponding price will be based on USD.

When paying by credit card, you can pay with any currency. In case your local currency isn’t EUR or USD, it will be converted by your credit card issuer.

When paying with SEPA, subscription fees will always be collected in EUR.

When paying by invoice, an invoice will be sent in EUR or USD based on your location.

You can link more monthly spend than the amounts shown in the slider above, until you’re closer to the plan above your current plan. Some examples:

  • The $100K plan allows up until $150K of monthly spend, as that’s when you’re closer to the plan above ($200K)
  • The $2M plan allows up until $2.5M of monthly spend, as that’s when you’re closer to the plan above ($3M)

In short, you’ll need the plan that’s the closest to your actual monthly spend. The free plan has a hard limit of $50K/mo.

In case you exceed your current plan more than allowed, TrueClicks will simply no longer update the results of the accounts that make you go over your limit until you upgrade to the next plan. See the next question for more details on upgrading.

In case you upgrade during a billing cycle, we’ll simply charge the price difference between your current plan and your new plan for the remaining period of the current billing cycle (prorating). Some examples:

  • If you have a monthly subscription and upgrade from the $100K plan ($249/mo) to the $200K plan ($349/mo) halfway through the month, you’ll be charged $50 (0.5 x $100) for the remainder of the month.
  • If you have a yearly subscription and upgrade from the $1M plan ($749/mo) to the $1.5M plan ($999/mo) after 3 months, you’ll be charged $2,250 for the remaining 9 months (9 x $250).

Yes. If you need to downgrade or cancel due to substantially lower spend levels than anticipated, we offer refunds up to 75% of the subscription amount. If you request of refund for any other reason, we offer a refund up to 50% of the subscription amount. In both cases, a request will need to be sent to by the account owner. This applies to 6-month and 12-month subscriptions only.
Monthly subscriptions can be downgraded monthly, so we don’t offer refunds on those.

Yes.  This downgrade request has to be sent by the account owner to, We’ll refund up to 50% of the difference between your original plan and your downgraded plan for the remaining period (starting 30 days after your request).

We don’t offer downgrades during monthly subscriptions.

If you want to pause a Plus, Pro, or Enterprise subscription, you can downgrade to the $50K/mo spend limit (the free plan), making your subscription free until you upgrade again.

Not as far as we’re concerned. As subscription fees are prepaid and you’re free to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel (under the conditions explained above), we don’t need contracts.

By using our service, you’re agreeing with our terms of service and acknowledge our privacy notice.

If there are specific agreements that need to be signed from your end (such as NDAs), we’ll be as cooperative as we can be.

No. Neither will there be any notifications about linking accounts with TrueClicks.

Everything goes through the Google or Microsoft login(s) you use, including changes you want to make using TrueClicks. TrueClicks will never appear as a user with access, nor in the change history.

Nevertheless, if you’re an agency, you may need to ask your client(s) for permission to share their data with a third party. Please read our dedicated help center article about this topic.