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During this call, we’ll cover:

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How to test and evaluate TrueClicks?

We offer tailored evaluation experiences for companies based on their size, needs, and buying behavior:

Monthly ad spendLess than $50KBetween $50K and $400KBetween $400K and $2.5MMore than $2.5M
Recommended way to evaluate TrueClicksOur Free planLive demo call + free trialPilot project
Duration2 to 6 weeks (gamified)8 or 12 weeks guaranteed
Onboarding process1) Sync your PPC accounts
Once your free trial is activated, please link any accounts you want to include in the trial.
1) Goal setting and implementation
Assessing TrueClicks’ effectiveness with a specific team and accounts to achieve desired results.
2) Run your first audit(s)
With your accounts linked, we’ll monitor them daily and audit them weekly for improvement areas and growth opportunities.
2) During the pilot
Complete sign-up, set goals, appoint internal main point(s) of contact, allocate 2 hours/week, and give feedback with lots of guidance from TrueClicks.
(3) Start optimizing
Once your audits are done, start improving your accounts in a prioritized way.
3) After the pilot
Start a subscription and get the pilot fee reimbursed, or end the pilot and choose between the free plan or account deletion.
Support from TrueClicksReactive, by email and chatReactive, by email, chat, and calls (upon request)Proactive planning and help with implementation
Live calls with TrueClicksNone2 x 30-minute calls upon request during your trialAs many calls as needed + shared chat channel (optional)
Fee (reimbursed when starting a subscription)$0$800 for eight weeks or $2,400 for twelve weeks