Every day, TrueClicks analyzes all your campaigns and finds your opportunities, issues and waste.

World's leading PPC audit framework, developed by recognized thought leaders and agency veterans.

Objective grades and specific, actionable recommendations.

Receive immediate warnings (email, Slack or SMS) for high priority issues.

Checks over 80 best practices (and counting) in minutes.

Our framework is updated continually to match the latest developments.

Find out where you stand, and what do next.

Get audit scores without an agenda. Let TrueClicks give you the tough love you need.

For each score, you'll get specific and actionable recommendations on how to improve.

Show your client or director how you're running PPC like a boss when all scores are above 90%.

Receive a weekly email digest with trends and highlights of your chosen accounts.

Receive meaningful alerts, when and how you need them.

Every day, we scan all your accounts for issues and notify you in-app and by the messaging of your choice.

We look back a full year to find wasteful keywords, placements and ad groups.

Be the first to know whenever conversion tracking is down, a landing page is broken or anomalies occur in your accounts.

For each account, we show the number of non-bidding changes made in the last 14 days and let you know when this drops to 0.

Do you want honest answers to the following questions?


Are you properly tracking conversions and their value? Are Google Analytics and Search Console linked correctly?

Campaign Settings

Are you properly targeting networks, languages and locations? Where should you enable or disable Search Partners?

Ad Extensions

Do you make optimal use of all ad extensions that make sense to your business?

Impression Share

How often are your ads showing? Should you increase your budget, quality score or bids?

Quality Score

What’s your impression-weighted account and ad group quality score? Where do you need to improve CTR, Ad Relevance and Landing Page Experience?

Account Structure

Are your ad groups tightly themed? Do you properly separate branded from non-branded search?


Do you make optimal use of each match type? Do you need more negative keywords? Do you have query mapping issues in your account? Do you use Dynamic Search Ads properly?

Ad Testing

Do all your ad groups have the appropriate amount of ads? Have you paused ads that significantly under-perform?


What's your Shopping Impression and Click Share? Do you make use of custom attributes and campaign priorities?

Bid Management

How often do your ads show above the organic results on each device? Have you paused your worst performing keywords? Do you use Smart Bidding where it makes sense?

Landing Pages

Which keywords have a below average Landing Page Experience? Do your landing pages load fast enough? Do you have enough unique landing pages?


Do you make optimal use of Remarketing for Display and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)? What about all the other audiences?

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